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During all these years of research, I’ve been finding out that most of the amazing things we need for our day to day life we don’t actually learn at college. Basically, what we do learn at college is what the theory makes us learn for each discipline, things we call hard skills. Everything else is outside the classroom, which is largely dedicated to technical subjects.

Hard skills are abilities that can be quantified or measured. For instance, as a journalist, I need to know how to write. Neither good nor bad, I simply must technically know how to write in my own language. There’re obviously millions of other things, but I’m just trying to get the point across for you to understand what is measurable. An economist really needs to understand numbers, as does a mathematician.

When you sit for an exam, you’re actually being tested for your hard skills. Which is something I consider completely crazy. To me, even nowadays tests to get into college or even exams, in general, are way too limited and can only really evaluate lightly someone’s capacity. That’s also another topic we’ll delve into when we come to it.

But then, what about soft skills? First of all, both hard skills and soft skills are technical jargon used in the corporate world — those belonging to HR departments and headhunters. That’s why I make a point of summing it up for you so that we can learn together what has gone wrong or right for me and for us to share our experiences.

It’s important to note that this isn’t a new topic, but it’s in vogue these days and is indeed much needed. To get the full picture, know this: most of the big companies around the world are now hiring 75% for soft skills and only 25% for hard skills. All these topics were already widely explored, such as emotional intelligence and multiple intelligences.

Soft skills are subjective abilities, and as such are very hard to measure with metrics. But, to our great joy, they’re now back with a bang to the corporate and professional world, being considered essential skills for your career growth — and, dare I say, your personal relationships as well. Soft skills are personality traits that directly impact the environments, people and, hence, the productivity of a team or a company; it goes without saying that they really impact your family as well.

Do you agree that’s it’s much easier for a company to teach you a technical skill than a behavioral one? That’s why when it comes to hiring you can have a PhD on digital marketing, but you won’t be hired because you lack empathy, time management, patience, don’t know how to position yourself or say no to others, and many others soft skills.

I want to invite you to my little world of studies, which take up some of my time for more than 30 years. Here I dedicate myself to these soft skills which include and even transgress on studies of mental, emotional and behavioral health.

I’ll share with you and want to listen to your experiences of how is it like to live in a world with more soft skills to go around.

Here are some examples of soft skills that you probably didn’t learn in college. Attitude, communication, conflict resolution, critical and creative thinking, decision making, ethics, resilience, flexibility, leadership, motivation, netweaving, problem-solving, and many others.

The great news is that I’m a specialist on the subject. I have as my great mentor my father, Dr. Lippi, psychiatrist, and other great scientists that opened their doors for me to come in and create many amazing things for you, both accessible and easy.

As you probably noticed by now, I’m talking about a subject that, if you don’t know yourself, will be hard to get into and develop your soft skills.

The question I want to ask you now is this: do you know yourself enough to answer me what is the emotional trigger that makes you go straight for someone’s neck without even thinking about how to elaborate a more intelligent, smooth and positive answer that could help you both?

If you don’t have any idea of what could cause an unhealthy behavior, you’ll be really glad you met me.




Biohacker👽Real/Human/Soft skills🍀Otimização Corpo-Mente-Carreira · Brain Training · Neurociência‍♀️Gestão Emocional · Mediação de Conflito

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Flávia Lippi

Flávia Lippi

Biohacker👽Real/Human/Soft skills🍀Otimização Corpo-Mente-Carreira · Brain Training · Neurociência‍♀️Gestão Emocional · Mediação de Conflito

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